Brand lift survey

Continuously measure ad effectiveness. Improve ad performance.

  • Ad recall
  • Consideration
  • Purchase intent
Increase in
OpinionAds impressions in every ad campaign

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Interactive display ad

Engage audience within ads. Generate data from display ads.

  • Increase brand interaction
  • Generate 1st party intent & brand intelligence data
Mobile ad Responsive ads Programmatic ads Story ads 1/Multi question survey ads Research ads Available in all IAB ad sizes
Click through rate
Increase in
Brand Interaction
Increase in
Brand Interaction

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Opinion based Ads, adverts, user engagement
OpinionAds, Opinion Ads, Online Marketing

1st Party data

Store 1st party ad data. Create micro-segments in DMPs. Optimize ad delivery.

  • Intent, recency & preference data
  • Improve audience profiles
  • Micro-targeting
  • Real-time insight

Opinion ads, Generate unique data Opinion ads, Generate unique data Opinion ads, Generate unique data

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Constant brand intelligenceContextual insights across ad journey

Creative insights Brand-User-Ad insights Ad measurement

Create ads at scale. Efficiently.

Customize, automate and scale ad-production and delivery

  • Easy to use platform
  • Multiple ad sizes
  • Creative collaboration
  • Creative effectiveness
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Create beautiful interactive survey ads Mobile | Desktop | Responsive | Programmatic ads in all IAB sizes

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How it worksUse OpinionAds with your existing setup


CPM Add-on pricingWorks within your budgets. Upgrade from display banner ad to interactive display ad.


Interactive ads & Survey ads

Interactive ads & Survey ads

Ad Creative Platform

Ad Creative Platform

Ad Data Cloud

Ad Data Cloud

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Volume base pricing

Traditional display ads   vs.   Interactive OpinionAdsMake your display ads do more

display ads

click rate
  • Not interactive
  • 1 image / 1 link
  • No creative optimization
  • No delivery optimization
  • No intent data
Traditional display ads


click rate
  • Interactive
  • Multiple images / multiple links
  • Creative optimization
  • Delivery optimization
  • Get intent data
hbo dynamic opinionads survey ad

Augusto Romano, Digo Hispanic Media

OpinionAds is a trusted partner in Ad effectiveness measurement delivering valuable insights for our clients. They enable us to bring performance focus in all ad campaigns.

Chelsea Cannon, Chemistry Agency

OpinionAds' unique survey ads crowdsources users feedback to bring a true reflection of what actual users are thinking rather than a paid-panel based biased input.

Dani Down, iProspect

OpinionAds' interactive display ads learns user's purchase intent through in-ad interaction, thus making the ad and our spend do more work than traditional display ads

Connected OpinionAds|AI-driven OpinionAds|Dynamic OpinionAds|Interactive OpinionAds

Innovative technology for interactive advertising

generate intent from display ads, opinionads, survey ads

Crowdsource user opinion with ads|Ask audiences anything... anywhere|Qualify user in ads

Future of Advertising is about
"what users want, and not what they have to endure".

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