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Ad measurement is too complicated, expensive, and not trustworthy;
thus, not accessible for all advertisers.

OpinionAds are "participatory" ads providing "choice", where standard media does not.
Explicit, personal choices provide intelligence you never had before.

Designed for modern advertiser to measure impact 50x faster

Innovative ad formats

Interactive display ads and survey ads in IAB ad formats and more, which can be used across multiple digital channels.This versatility allows advertisers to engage with their target audience through different touchpoints.

Rapidly crowd-source data

Collect audience feedback and generate first-party data. This data can be utilized to enhance advertising campaigns across various channels, ensuring that marketing efforts are tailored to the preferences and behaviors of the audience.

Powerful insights & analytics

Detailed insights into campaign performance allowing advertisers to assess the impact of their ad spend and make data-driven decisions.

Real-time optimization

Use of machine learning and empirical data modeling enables OpinionAds to optimize ad delivery in real-time. This means that ads are dynamically adjusted to perform better across multiple channels, improving their overall effectiveness.

User-centric focus

Emphasis on creating ads based on user preferences delivering a cohesive and user-centric experience across all channels. This ensures that ads resonate with users rather than being intrusive.

Works everywhere

Well-connected within the advertising ecosystem, enabling seamless integration and distribution of ads across various channels, maximizing reach and impact.

Interactive display ads

Most insightful ads designed for user engagement & conversion

Drive high-value users to your site with these performance ads that provide an app like user experience within display ads. Upgrade from a simple 1-click banner to a interactive multi-click banner and learn user preference and intent.

Targeting options:

Intent, Standard or Relevance based Audience Targeting

Creative options:

Enhanced banner adsDirect response adsStory adsMulti-click adsRich media + DataShoppable adsLead generation adsFree response adsAvailable in all IAB ad sizesSee all ad formats »


CPM/CPC via Direct IO


Get the "Actively considering buying" & other very specific audiences of potential customers directly to your CDP/DMP.


Get unprecedented insights from user interaction within ads.

Brand lift study

Most trustworthy brand lift survey to measure ad effectiveness

Transparency-driven ads offering that learns directly from ad-viewers, a unique feature absent in traditional media. Upgrade from incentivised panel to crowd-sourced responses, and get data with highest degree of confidence.

Measuring parameters:

Ad recall, brand awareness, consideration, favorability and purchase intent

Targeting options:

Same audience as the campaign

Creative options:

1-click survey ads1-question survey adsMulti-question survey adsFree response adsResearch survey adsAvailable in all IAB ad sizesSee all ad formats »


Direct IO


Predefined template ads bring unmatched speed of execution.


Crowdsourced ad effectiveness that analyzes strength, weakness and impact of ad spend during and after your ad campaign.

Brand intelligence report

Constant brand monitoring across campaigns

Generate contextual insights across ad journey across all campaigns. Keep a monthly or quarterly tab on consumer sentiments and behaviour towards your brand.

Tracking parameters:

Consumer IntelligenceBrand IntelligenceMarket IntelligenceCreative scorePurchase intent scoreAd recall / Awareness scoreConversion scoreCompetitive scoreLoyalty scoreNPS
Ad recall score, competitive score, creative score, user insight, brand intelligence


Access to up-to-date information and insights to inform decision-making in real-time.


An in-depth examination of various metrics related to brand health, including awareness, perception, sentiment, and loyalty.

OpinionAds is a convenient platform for modern advertisers to create interactive display ads and rapidly crowd-source audience feedback @ scale & generate powerful insights.

AI Co-pilot

Increase productivity and efficiency with AI generated ad options

Creative platform

Designed for modern advertiser to create multiple ad sizes 50x faster

How it works

Customize, automate and scale ad-production and distribution

Analytics with AI insights

Beautiful data visualization and downloadable results with AI generated insights

Data studio

Create potent micro-audiences & store directly in CDP/DMPs for user activation across channels


Interactive display ads provide unmatched differentiation and value

End-to-end Service


Media Strategy


Account management

Omnichannel integration

Market research


Access to advance targeting



Self-service and customizable


Data & Measurement

Campaign dashboard

Data export

Analytics & reporting



Augusto Romano, Digo Hispanic Media

Augusto Romano, Digo Hispanic Media

OpinionAds is a trusted partner in Ad effectiveness measurement delivering valuable insights for our clients. They enable us to bring performance focus in all ad campaigns.

Chelsea Cannon, Chemistry Agency

Chelsea Cannon, Chemistry Agency

OpinionAds' unique survey ads crowdsources users feedback to bring a true reflection of what actual users are thinking rather than a paid-panel based biased input.

Dani Down, iProspect

Dani Down, iProspect

OpinionAds' interactive display ads learns user's purchase intent through in-ad interaction, thus making the ad and our spend do more work than traditional display ads

Create beautiful interactive survey ads

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