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Healthcare Advertising with OpinionAds

Hologic wanted unique ad effectiveness survey for its ongoing display campaign. They needed a unique solution where they can run a survey on the audience who interacted with their ads.

A unique connected survey was requested which can run on the display network.

Why Choose OpinionAds


Use survey ads in different IAB sizes

mixed with ads


Connect multiple ads

enable survey in ads


Build micro-audience

for retargeting

Solution Offered

OpinionAds Brand lift survey ads were designed in multiple sizes 300X250, 300X600, 720X300 and 728X90.

Created 5 connected ads to serve the purpose. Hologic got 62000 surveys completed faster then any panel survey and at a half of the cost. Also, they collected retargeting data for their next campaign.

Ads we created


15 M


4 M



Click Follow-up

2.8 M

Survey Completion

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