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Insight Harvest:
University of Florida's endeavor to measure awareness and impact in citrus greening combat

The University of Florida aimed to gauge the awareness levels among their audience regarding their efforts in combating Citrus Greening. Additionally, they sought to understand the audience's perception of the effectiveness of their work. Targeting a wide audience, their objective was to elicit opinions and insights on their endeavors.

University of Florida

What we did

  • Define campaign objectives
  • Identify target audiences for panel recruitment
  • Develop a comprehensive panel recruitment strategy
  • Design tailored surveys for research needs

Elevating Insights:
Enhanced accuracy and client value

More than 60,000 panels were recruited. By bolstering panel recruitment and validating survey results against real audience feedback, Suzy Research Cloud ensured accuracy and reliability in their research endeavors. This approach not only enhanced the credibility of the insights provided to clients but also offered a unique proposition in the consumer insights landscape.

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Responded positively

Why Choose OpinionAds

They wanted to reach broad audience who were targeted before and


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Rapid results

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