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Healthcare Advertising with OpinionAds

PharmEasy is a online pharmacy company and they were selling online cosmetics and they entered in to selling prescribed drugs online. PharmEasy wanted to build an audience by chronic diseases while marketing their fast home delivery and other services as well.

They wanted to reach broad audience on display network and find a niche who would consider buying medicines online.

Why Choose OpinionAds

They wanted to reach audience in bulk who were potential audience who would buy medicines online. With this they also wanted to


Give options in display ads

make ads interactive


Rapid results

get 1000s of responses in a day


Build brand intelligence

collect data at scale

Solution Offered

Interactive display ads were designed in 300X250 and 468X60 sizes

OpinionAds interactive display ads were created to accomplish the desired solution. With this, all the data collected in OpinionAds was transferred to their DMP in real time.

Ads we created


12.2 M





Micro-segments created

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