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eCommerce Advertising with OpinionAds

RYOBI is an established brand of indoor and outdoor tools. They were already doing display and search campaigns at product level but it did not generate any reusable data for retargeting. They wanted to create audience micro-segments that can be used for focused targeting.

Why Choose OpinionAds


Give options in display ads

make ads interactive


Build micro-audience

for retargeting


Use interactive ads in different IAB sizes

mixed with ads

Solution Offered

Interactive display ads were designed in multiple sizes 300X250, 300X600, 720X300 and 728X90.

A unique campaign was launched during Father's day and it generated following micro-segments:

  • Audience looking to buy for their own
  • Audience looking to buy tools for gift
  • Interested indoor tools audience
  • Interested outdoor audience

OpinionAds interactive display ads were created to accomplish the desired solution

Ads we created


12.5 M




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