Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns to fuel your brand's growth and make data-driven decisions.

See how we crowdsource ad effectiveness measurement and analyze impact of your ad spend

Get constant brand intelligence

  • Creative effectiveness
  • Brand lift, awareness, consideration
  • Brand / ad / user insights
  • Purchase Intent, preference, recency

Generate 1st party data for insights & efficient targeting

Result consultation

Customized surveys

Tailored surveys designed to measure specific brand metrics and objectives.

Advanced analytics

Gain actionable insights with in-depth analysis and data visualization tools.

Targeted audience

Reach your desired demographic with precise targeting options.

Real-time reporting

Instant access to real-time data, allowing for quick decision-making.

Expert support

Dedicated support team to guide you through the survey process and interpretation of results.

Ready-made templates

Kickstart your brand lift survey with our pre-designed templates, crafted by experts to capture essential brand insights efficiently.

Brand lift study

What we deliver

At Brand Lift Survey, we specialize in delivering comprehensive insights to help you understand and enhance your brand's impact. Through a combination of advanced survey methodologies and expert analysis, we provide

Objective measurement

Our surveys accurately measure key brand metrics such as awareness, perception, and consideration.


Compare your brand's performance against competitors and industry standards.

Actionable recommendations

Receive clear recommendations on strategies to improve brand perception and engagement.

Continuous improvement

With iterative surveys, track the effectiveness of your brand strategies over time and adapt accordingly.


Direct IO


  • BLS best practice
  • Finalized survey
  • Survey tags
  • Survey trafficking
  • Optimization
  • AI Insights report download
  • Analytics dashboard (updated daily)
  • Audience micro-segments
  • Raw 1st party data download

Portfolio of powerful survey ads

1-question / multi-question survey ads

Research survey ads

Key competitive advantages
OpinionAds vs. Others

How it works

Use our brand lift survey ad tag with your existing set up



BLS Basic
$ 5,000 .00

BLS traffic by advertiser

  • Self-service design Studio
  • 3 Readymade ad creative templates
  • Best practice & support docs
  • Copy ad tag on any ad platform
  • Targeting by advertiser
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Export data in excel
$ 9,000 .00

BLS traffic by us

  • BLS Basic +
  • 6 Readymade ad creative templates
  • Export data to your DMP
  • Measure ad effectiveness
  • Result review
  • Best practice consultation
  • Campaign creation support
  • Brand Lift Intelligence Reports
  • Includes:
    • » Creative score
    • » Purchase intent score
    • » Conversion score
    • » Ad Recall score
    • » Competitive score
    • » Awareness score

Frequently asked questions

Advertisers with monthly ad spend starting from $8,000 use our services. Agency pricing available (with your own trafficking). Discounts on yearly commitment and volume.

The ad creation process with OpinionAds typically takes upto 24 hours.

To start a campaign, you'll need to provide us with branding guidelines and creative assets, such as images, animated images. Our team can do the designing of the ads or you can do on our platform.

OpinionAds supports all IAB size and to learn more about sizes visit -

With OpinionAds, you can expect significant improvements in key brand performance metrics. Typically, brands see an average increase of 30% in ad recall and a 25% boost in brand awareness.

OpinionAds collects crowdsourced data directly from your target audience through integrated surveys. This data is can be transferred to your DSP in real-time, providing you with valuable insights that can be used to fine-tune your campaigns for optimal performance.

The data collected from surveys is used to create precise micro-audiences. This allows for highly targeted retargeting campaigns, ensuring your ads reach the right people at the right time, maximizing the impact and efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any more questions or need further assistance.

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