Crowdsourced brand lift survey (BLS)

Crowdsourced brand lift survey (BLS)

Display advertising has evolved a lot in the last decade. These are the ads that can go to any website in allocated ad space, targeting methods have evolved even ads from just display banners were changed to moving gifs. It was widely used for branding purposes.

"OpinionAds have completely changed the way that advertisers were looking at display ads. With unique creatives with options, each option can be linked to a unique landing page or other ad. OpinionAds have power to collect user-intent from display ads at scale and generate intelligence data."

OpinionAds are widely used for

  1. Auto Retargeting Ads
  2. Measure Ad Effectiveness
  3. Generate Audience Segments
  4. Conduct Market Research
  5. Conduct Live Poll

Gone are the days when marketers had to rely on a panel to analyze how their campaigns performed. OpinionAds brings transparency in reporting and analysis. Ask anything, anywhere to your audience and collect audience intent data, click data, preference data and measure ad effectiveness along the way.

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