The Power of Interactive Display Ads: Boosting Engagement and Conversion Rates

 APRIL 18 2023

High impact display ads which drive user engagement and conversion rates. Our platform is an intern proof platform where advertisers can transfer their traditional display to high performing interactive display ads.

Interactive display ads are designed in such a way that it personalizes the user experience. Our ads allow users to interact within the ad by clicking the ads rather than traditional static ads. This can surely lead to a higher level of engagement, as users are more likely to remember the ad.

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Interactive OpinionAds Vs Display Banner Ads

 SEPTEMBER 10 2021

Till now we have been using simple banner ads for display advertising, These Banner ads are static and can only take the audience to one link (URL) and we just get click-through rate as a metric. All of the display advertising depends on the target audience and their natural behavior. "Why use vanilla ads when you can have OpinionAds"

OpinionAds are enhanced banner ads. An Advertiser can give 2-5 image options to the audience and link every option to a unique landing page or follow-up ad.

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Crowdsourced brand lift survey (BLS)

 AUGUST 28 2021

Display advertising has evolved a lot in the last decade. These are the ads that can go to any website in allocated ad space, targeting methods have evolved even ads from just display banners were changed to moving gifs. It was widely used for branding purposes.

“OpinionAds have completely changed the way that advertisers were looking at display ads. With unique creatives with options, each option can be linked to a unique landing page or other ad. OpinionAds have power to collect user-intent from display ads at scale and generate intelligence data."

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How Interactive Display Ads is helping Brands move from Static Display Ads?

 AUGUST 10 2021

The problem with current Display Ads:

Display advertising is mostly just used for branding, because it is static visual and not much interaction or data is being generated from it. That is why Advertisers use search ads/text ads more effectively because they generate unique data with user intent data.

The solution

What if Advertisers can interact with users directly in display ads? What if Advertisers can get user-intent data directly from display ads? That’s exactly what Interactive Display Ads do.

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Upgrade display banner ads with interactive display ads

 OCTOBER 21 2019

Digital Marketing has changed over last decade. It started with email marketing, Google AdWords text ads and today there are multiple forms like display advertising, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, etc. So today it is very hard for any industry to market their products or services because there is too much of noise. Marketing agents and over used their power of targeting audience through keywords and today they are marketing anything and everything on keywords they can rank for.

With simple banner ads you can only show your audience what you are selling, there is not much of doing in process and because of this brand recall is only 30%. Often marketers are trying to sell more than one product in single banner to give options but when they click on it they are taken to one sing landing page which is usually home page or category page, where you loose interest of your customer.

OpinionAds is the solution...

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  • brand intelligence
  • measure ad effectiveness

Get most out of display advertising

 OCTOBER 10 2019

Marketers use display campaign advertising for branding solution because of following:

Visual: We can use images and rich media which supports our Branding Instruments (Logo, Colour flow, etc.)

Spread Awareness: Display campaigns can create initial interest and with catchy creatives, we can create brand awareness. As Display Ads has high reach and can be seen by...

  • replace banners
  • brand intelligence
  • measure ad effectiveness