Display Advertising - OpinionAds Vs GoogleAds

Display Advertising - OpinionAds Vs GoogleAds

Let's compare OpinionAds' interactive ads with Google's static display ads:


User Engagement

  • Google: Engagement with static display ads is limited to clicking through to a website or taking action based on the information presented in the ad.
  • OpinionAds: Focuses on enhancing user engagement through interactive and animated elements that are designed to capture user attention and encourage interaction.


Interactive Capabilities

  • Google (Static Display Ads): Google's static display ads typically consist of images or text. They do not include interactive elements like quizzes, surveys, or immersive experiences.
  • OpinionAds (Interactive Ads): Offers immersive ads, interactive quizzes, surveys, polls, and interactive animated elements. These formats encourage user engagement and prolonged interaction within the ad unit.


Ad Personalization

  • Google: Google does offer some level of ad personalization based on user data and browsing behavior but does not typically personalize the ad experience through interactive means within the ad itself.
  • OpinionAds: Integrates personalization techniques to deliver tailored ad experiences based on user behavior and preferences, potentially offering different interactive experiences based on user inputs.


Ad Customization

  • Google: Offers customization in terms of ad sizes and visual design but lacks the interactive elements that OpinionAds offers.
  • OpinionAds: Provides a variety of interactive ad formats including all IAB sizes, ensuring campaigns are visually appealing and fit the brand's image.


Analytics and Insights

  • Google: Also provides analytics on ad performance but primarily focuses on click-through rates, impressions, and conversions rather than user interactions within the ad.
  • OpinionAds: Provides real-time analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of interactive campaigns, track user interactions, and optimize strategies in real-time.


Capability GoogleAds OpinionAds
Survey Accessibility Google Properties Across the Web
Display Ads type Static Ads Interactive Ads
Ads size Limited sizes All IAB sizes
Ad creation Self Self or service based within 24 hours
Pricing $15k onwards Starts as low as $4500


OpinionAds Differentiation

Crowd-source feedback collection

Rapidly gather large scale data

Input data into your DMP/CDP

Real-time optimization

AI-powered analytics and reports



OpinionAds' interactive ads stand out from Google's static display ads by offering enhanced user engagement through interactive experiences such as quizzes, surveys, and immersive formats like 360-degree ads. They also prioritize ad personalization, comprehensive analytics for measuring interactive campaign effectiveness, and a wide range of ad customization options. In contrast, Google's static display ads are more traditional in nature, focusing on visual appeal and basic click-through metrics without the depth of interactivity and personalized user engagement that OpinionAds provides.


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