Gathering Insights - OpinionAds Vs Google Survey

Gathering Insights - OpinionAds Vs Google Survey

Crowdsource Insights rapidly over the weekend

OpinionAds and Google Surveys offer distinct approaches to gathering insights, each with its own strengths:

Survey Formats

  • Google Surveys: Utilizes a form-based approach, suitable for capturing concise responses to specific questions but lacking the depth of multi-question ads. Learn More
  • OpinionAds: Employs multi-question ads, allowing for deeper exploration of consumer perceptions and behaviors within a single interaction.


Survey Interactivity

  • Google Surveys: Primarily static in nature, lacking the ability to tailor questions or responses based on user input, potentially limiting the depth of insights.
  • OpinionAds: Offers dynamic ads that can adapt based on user responses, enabling personalized interactions and more nuanced insights into consumer preferences.



  • Google Surveys: Limited to Google-owned properties, its reach is confined to users within Google's ecosystem, potentially limiting the diversity of respondents.
  • OpinionAds: Accessible across the web, OpinionAds surveys reach users wherever they engage online, providing a broad and diverse respondent pool.


Brand Intelligence - Insights and Data collection

  • Google Surveys: Does not share brand intelligence data, limiting advertisers' access to comprehensive insights beyond basic survey responses. 
  • OpinionAds: Shares brand intelligence data derived from surveys, empowering advertisers with actionable insights into consumer sentiment, competitor analysis, and market trends.




In essence, while OpinionAds excels in accessibility, survey format versatility, dynamic ad capabilities, and brand intelligence sharing, Here OpinionAds wins when comes to dynamic ads with multiple survey format at better cost.



OpinionAds Differentiation

Crowd-source feedback collection

Rapidly gather large scale data

Input data into your DMP/CDP

Real-time optimization

AI-powered analytics and reports




1. What sets OpinionAds apart from Google Surveys?

OpinionAds distinguishes itself from Google Surveys primarily through its support for multi-question ads, enabling deeper exploration of consumer perceptions within a single interaction. It also offers broader reach across the web compared to Google Surveys, which are limited to Google-owned properties.

2. How interactive survey ads by OpinionAds are compared to Google Surveys?

OpinionAds' interactive survey ads are more dynamic compared to Google Surveys. They can adapt based on user responses, offering personalized interactions that tailor subsequent questions or content based on initial answers. This dynamic capability allows for more nuanced insights into consumer preferences and behaviors.

3. What survey formats does OpinionAds support?

OpinionAds supports multi-question ads that facilitate deeper consumer insights in a single interaction.


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