Brand Lift Study - Kantar, Nielsen and OpinionAds

Brand Lift Study - Kantar, Nielsen and OpinionAds

In today's complex and competitive media landscape, understanding the impact of marketing campaigns on brand awareness and consumer behavior is crucial for maximizing advertising effectiveness. Brand lift studies provide actionable intelligence by measuring the direct impact of campaigns, helping advertisers optimize their strategies and investments. Let’s compare four prominent providers—OpinionAds, Nielsen, and Kantar—to help you choose the right partner for your brand lift study needs.


What is a Brand Lift Study?



A brand lift study is a research method used to measure the impact of advertising campaigns on consumer perception and behavior. It typically involves comparing key metrics (such as brand awareness, ad recall, and purchase intent) between groups exposed to the campaign and those who were not, to quantify the lift in brand metrics attributable to the advertising efforts.


Kantar: Survey-Based Insights with Twinning Methodology

Kantar employs a survey-based methodology with twinning approach to measure brand lift:

  • Methodology: Control/exposed research design using surveys to compare attitudes between exposed and control groups.
  • Strengths: Offers detailed insights with customizable survey options and comprehensive reporting.
  • Cost: Structured pricing tiers based on survey complexity and reporting format.


Nielsen : Panel-Based Measurement

Nielsen is renowned for its comprehensive panel-based approach and extensive industry trust:

  • Methodology: Consumer panels for detailed audience segmentation and multi-platform measurement.
  • Strengths: Specializes in digital advertising channels, providing feedback and customizable study designs.
  • Cost: Varies upon selection like $7,500 for Digital Brand Effect and $15K for Expanded View Lite.


OpinionAds: Crowd-Sourced Insights

OpinionAds offers a modern, crowd-sourced approach to brand lift studies, focusing on agility and digital expertise:

  • Methodology: Utilizes crowd-sourced data collection methods for rapid insights.
  • Strengths: Provides global reach, robust data validation, and in-depth analytics.
  • Cost: Often more cost-effective compared to traditional methods, leveraging digital tools for efficiency. Brand Lift Survey starting from only $4000 USD. Learn More
Capability Kantar Nielsen OpinionAds
Methodology Control Group Panel Based Crowd-sourced
Dynamic Response Ads X X Yes
Brand Data from Ads X X Yes
Pricing Based on Complexity $7.5k to $15k Starts as low as $4500


In conclusion, Depending upon your budget and campaign goals decide between crowd-sourced and panel-based surveys : Crowd-sourced (OpinionAds), panel-based (Nielsen), survey-based (Kantar).


OpinionAds Differentiation

Crowd-source feedback collection

Rapidly gather large scale data

Input data into your DMP/CDP

Real-time optimization

AI-powered analytics and reports







1. What distinguishes OpinionAds from Nielsen and Kantar in conducting brand lift studies?

  • OpinionAds employs a crowd-sourced approach, leveraging digital tools for rapid insights into advertising impact. This method emphasizes agility and global reach, offering robust data validation and cost-effective solutions starting at $4,500 USD. In contrast, Nielsen utilizes panel-based measurement for detailed audience segmentation across digital platforms, while Kantar focuses on survey-based insights with customizable options using a twinning methodology.


2. How does the methodology of OpinionAds differ from Nielsen and Kantar in measuring brand lift?

  • OpinionAds relies on crowd-sourced data collection methods, allowing for dynamic responses and comprehensive brand data derived directly from ads. This approach ensures rapid feedback and in-depth analytics suitable for digital advertising campaigns. Meanwhile, Nielsen employs a panel-based approach, offering detailed consumer insights and multi-platform measurement capabilities, whereas Kantar utilizes survey-based methodologies to compare attitudes between exposed and control groups, providing customizable survey options for precise brand lift analysis.


3. What are the primary strengths and cost considerations of OpinionAds, Nielsen, and Kantar for brand lift studies?

  • OpinionAds excels in agility and cost-effectiveness, making it ideal for advertisers seeking rapid insights and global reach. Nielsen is renowned for its extensive panel-based data, specializing in digital advertising channels and offering customizable study designs tailored to specific campaign needs. Kantar provides detailed survey-based insights with a twinning methodology, allowing for nuanced brand lift analysis with structured pricing based on survey complexity. Each provider offers distinct strengths catering to different budgetary and analytical requirements in evaluating advertising effectiveness.


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