Measure ad effectiveness with smart OpinionAds

Don't advertise in the blind. Crowdsource user input. Know how your ad works and what your users think in real-time.

  • In-ad survey
    • Visual image-based survey
    • Higher completion rate
  • Adaptive Ads
    • Algorithmic engagement
    • Learn user intent
  • Opportunity to measure
    • Brand favorability
    • Purchase intent

Include 25% impressions of OpinionAds with every Ad campaign and continuously monitor how users are engaging with your ads.

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Replace dumb banner-ads with smart OpinionAds

Smart OpinionAds boost engagement, generate data and are used to drive purchase decisions, sentiment analysis and marketing effectiveness measurements.

  • Increase value of your ad campaigns
    • Interactive creatives
    • Increased brand interaction
  • Interactive user experience
    • Deliver real-time personalization
  • Generate more data

Future of Advertising is based on 'what users want, and not what they have to endure'.

Increase in
Increase in
Brand Association


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Enable conversational communication in Ads|Ask audiences anything... anywhere

Intelligent OpinionAds

Algorithmic adaptive engagement - show linked-ad, next question, results, content, etc.

Generate audience data at scale

Connect insight with action. Make ads intelligent.

  • Generate intent data
    • Collect empirical data with highest degree of confidence
    • Generate preference and intent information at scale
  • Real-time insight
    • Make better business decisions
  • Augment audience profiles
    • Create audience micro-segments for targeting
    • Integrate with your DMP


Generate data with us

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Create audience micro-segments


Go beyond brand lift, increase value of your ad campaigns

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