Upgrade display banner ads with interactive display ads

Upgrade display banner ads with interactive display ads

Digital Marketing has changed over last decade. It started with email marketing, Google AdWords text ads and today there are multiple forms like display advertising, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, etc. So today it is very hard for any industry to market their products or services because there is too much of noise. Marketing agents and over used their power of targeting audience through keywords and today they are marketing anything and everything on keywords they can rank for.

The solution to this was Display banner ads. In display ads we use banners to show the products or services which we want to market in visual form and it’s great as people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see and do.

With simple banner ads you can only show your audience what you are selling, there is not much of doing in process and because of this brand recall is only 30%. Often marketers are trying to sell more than one product in single banner to give options but when they click on it they are taken to one sing landing page which is usually home page or category page, where you loose interest of your customer.

OpinionAds is the solution

OpinionAds is based on Programmatic Machine Learning Technology (Artificial Intelligence). OpinionAds is the only Brand Intelligence Platform which can engage with the audience, and provide hand-held experience. Through OpinionAds you can divide your marketing objective in steps, user who engages with this ad will give you answers of what product/service they would be interested in and they will be taken to exact landing page of that particular product or service. Opinion Ads are only display ad format which takes user intent and give them answers to what they are looking for. By doing this Opinion Ads also has ability to generate user intent data at scale.

What Google has done for Search Engine, OpinionAds has done for Display Marketing

OpinionAds use-cases:

  1. It can be used brand/product/service promotion
  2. Creating brand intelligence
  3. Conducting market research
  4. To measure ad effectiveness
  5. Take audience poll & opinion
  6. To do ad research


Opinion Ads are not only Hi-Tech they are also fully customizable through its design studio. There are multiple ad formats that you can use according to your goals.

OpinionAds are well connected in the Ad ecosystem. We are partners with Ad Exchanges like Google Ad Exchange, Youtube and others. We are also integrated with DMPs like Lotame and others. You can also use this ads directly to any app or website by implementing the code generated from OA Dashboard.

Benefits of using OpinionAds:

  1. Replace dumb banner ads
  2. Engage with your audience
  3. Boost your brand recall to 80%
  4. Use generated intent data for making important business decisions
  5. Use it anywhere and everywhere

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