Interactive Advertising - OpinionAds Vs Airtory

Interactive Advertising - OpinionAds Vs Airtory

Airtory: Ad builder and advertising platform.

OpinionAds: AI-Powered advertising and measurement platform.


Let's do a more detailed study on unique offerings.

1. Interactive Experiences

  • Airtory: Offers a wide array of interactive formats including immersive 360-degree ads and interactive quizzes.
  • OpinionAds: Focuses on integrating surveys, polls, and interactive video elements to engage users within ad units.



2. Enhanced User Engagement

  • Airtory: Emphasizes on engaging users through interactive experiences that encourage prolonged interaction.
  • OpinionAds: Utilizes unique interactive animated ads that enhances engagement and gather insights at scale.


3. Ad Personalization

  • Airtory: Integrates personalization techniques to deliver tailored ad experiences based on user behavior and preferences.
  • OpinionAds: Also focuses on personalized ad experiences but may emphasize different interactive elements in achieving this goal. Learn More


4. Ad Customization

  • Airtory: Offers limited ad formats.
  • OpinionAds: Provides all IAB sizes of interactive ads formats, ensuring campaigns are visually appealing and on-brand.


5. Real-time Analytics and Insights

  • Airtory: Offers comprehensive real-time analytics that provide insights into user interactions and campaign performance.
  • OpinionAds: Provides real analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of interactive campaigns and optimize strategies in real-time.


OpinionAds Differentiation

Crowd-source feedback collection

Rapidly gather large scale data

Input data into your DMP/CDP

Real-time optimization

AI-powered analytics and reports



OpinionAds offer distinct approaches to interactive advertising, emphasizing unique features such as immersive experiences, advanced user engagement strategies, personalized ad delivery, comprehensive analytics, and precise targeting capabilities.


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