AWS Cloud / Database Engineer


As an AWS Cloud/Database Engineer, you would be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining scalable and secure cloud-based solutions for your organization or clients. You would need to have a strong understanding of cloud computing technologies, particularly Amazon Web Services (AWS), and be able to architect and deploy complex applications and databases in the cloud.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Building and managing AWS infrastructure, including EC2 instances, S3 buckets, VPCs, and security groups.
  • Designing and implementing scalable and fault-tolerant cloud solutions using AWS services like AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS Elastic Load Balancing.
  • Developing and deploying microservices and serverless applications in AWS.
  • Setting up and managing relational and NoSQL databases on AWS, including Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Redshift.
  • Implementing security and compliance controls in the cloud, including network security, identity and access management, and data encryption.
  • Working closely with developers and other stakeholders to ensure that cloud-based solutions are aligned with business requirements and best practices.


To excel in this role, you would need to have strong technical skills in cloud computing, databases, and programming, as well as excellent communication and collaboration skills. You would also need to keep up with the latest developments and best practices in cloud computing, and be able to adapt to changing business requirements and technologies. Some common qualifications for this role include a degree in computer science, certification in AWS or other cloud computing technologies, and several years of experience in cloud-based application development and deployment.


With a few years of experience, it can be around INR 13-15 lakhs per annum. However, the salary can go up to INR 20-30 lakhs per annum for experienced professionals in top companies.

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