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Generate audience intent data @ scale

Get relevant data for better business decisions.

  • Real-time insight
  • Augment audience profiles
  • Micro-targeting
  • Integrate with your DMP

Create audience micro-segments

OpinionAds, Opinion Ads, Online Marketing

Reporting and analytics

Measure your online marketing efforts effectively, Generate data from display campaigns beyond CTR. OpinionAds Analytics gives you FUll control over your data and you can generate audience micro segments and use it for retargeting ads.

Self service platform

Data in your DMPs

Don't waste time in transferring data manually to your DMPs. OpinionAds data can automatically transferred to your DMP with a simple API Integration.

Advanced targeting

Insight and optimization consulting

Our Campaign Management Team is ready 24x7 to get you insights and optimization ideas.


Manage service


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24 hour
turn around

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OpinionAds Reports


Data Generated by OpinionAds

in your DMP

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