Generate audience intent data @ scale

Get relevant data for better business decisions.

  • Real-time insight
  • Augment audience profiles
  • Micro-targeting
  • Integrate with your DMP

Create audience micro-segments

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Drive constant brand intelligence

generate contextual insights across ad journey

Creative score

It measures quality of image(s) and copy used in your ad. The score is based on how compelling is the message and corresponding images compared to the industry standard.

Purchase intent score

It measures the extent to which customers are willing and inclined to buy a product or service from you.

Competitive score

Measures how your ad is performing when compared to your competitors.

Ad recall score

Gives an estimated score of how likely it is for people to remeber your ad / message.

Conversion score

Measures likelihood of user performing the desired call to action (CTA) and compares it with the industry standard.

Awareness score

Gives you the measure of your brand's awareness among your target audience.

Reporting and analytics

Measure your online marketing efforts effectively, Generate data from display campaigns beyond CTR. OpinionAds Analytics gives you FUll control over your data and you can generate audience micro segments and use it for retargeting ads.

Self service platform

Data in your DMPs

Don't waste time in transferring data manually to your DMPs. OpinionAds data can automatically transferred to your DMP with a simple API Integration.

Advanced targeting