Get most out of display advertising

 OCTOBER 10 2019

Marketers use display campaign advertising for branding solution because of following:

Visual: We can use images and rich media which supports our Branding Instruments (Logo, Colour flow, etc.)

Spread Awareness: Display campaigns can create initial interest and with catchy creatives, we can create brand awareness. As Display Ads has high reach and can be seen by large number of people.

Advance targeting: There are certain additional targetting options that available for display advertising which we simply do not get while doing search advertising campaign. These additional options are topic targeting, interest targeting & remarketing.

This package is packed with ammunition to boost your branding campaign, but what if I told you, that you are using just 40% of its actual potential?

There is a way through which you can boost your display advertising campaign by using OpinionAds.

Value that you add by using OpinionAds to your current display campaign are:

  1. Increase brand interaction: OpinionAds offer interactive creatives which engages the user in a creative engagement methodology which increase brand interaction.
  2. Drive user intent: Through OpinionAds tools you get power to generate engagement creatives for multiple products in a single ad and present it to your potential buyer. This certainly increases your sales.
  3. 2X increase in click-through-rate
  4. 25% increase in brand association
  5. Advance analytics: which gives you behaviour insights from users who interacted with your ads and so much more which you can use for improving your future marketing strategy

If you are not doing this already then you are missing out 60% of your display campaign potential.

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